Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pescetarian Lunchbox

I thought the lunch I made for the children today was particularly appetizing and beautiful, so I took a picture of it:

That's M.'s lunchbox. R.'s has all blue containers, and S.'s has more muted primary colors. You can buy one at Laptop Lunches, and I found out about them at Vegan Lunch Box. If you are a faithful reader, you have already heard more than you want to about our lunch boxes.

Clockwise from top left: leftover crispy shrimp from Martha Stewart Everyday Food, made crispy in the oven with panko. Panko, where have you been all my life? All those wasted years (two) as I walked through the bulk aisle at Whole Foods, idly wondering, "What's panko?" And even after I knew--some kind of Japanese bread crumbs--I didn't understand what kind of magic you would bring me. Let's see, where was I? Cut up strawberries. Dried apricots and Laughing Cow cheese. Green beans and grape tomatoes with a tiny container of hummus. Yummus, as the Cowardly Lion might say.

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Mechelle said...

I would be entirely grateful if you would make me lunch on a regular basis and ship it. I have just found your blog and am very excited to add it to my "blogs to read list"!