Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Born To...er, Jog Most of the Time

I am a real runner now. I just ran in the rain. A soft, drizzly-to-light range rain, but rain nonetheless. It was actually quite refreshing. I'll be darned: the conventional wisdom turned out to be right again. I also did some rudimentary speedwork, which I think was awfully brave of me because I don't like the part of running that hurts, and I put a lot of effort into getting in good enough shape to run without pain in my carefully chosen comfort zone. But I also saw the looks on well-meaning seasoned runners' faces last fall when I told them my 5K time. Not to mention the fact that the conventional wisdom says having a goal reduces boredom.

I ran with my tiny junky giveaway radio because my Dell DJ has given up the ghost. WBJB was playing the transcendent "New York City Serenade."* What happened to my Bruce Springsteen, the 1970s Dylanesque Springsteen? Is there any way we can get him back?

*My favorite Songfact: "Springsteen would often visit New York City as a break from Jersey." Yes...

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