Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Marshall Crenshaw, I Am Here For You

I've been missing for almost a week, I know. But just listen to what I accomplished:
  • I removed seven no-longer-functional cords and cables, four speakers, and a sub-woofer from the sun room, and swept up some museum-quality dust bunnies. In the process I managed to mess up the new computer!
  • I attended Back-to-School Night two nights in a row, including the new (to me) and grueling "follow your middle-school student's Tuesday schedule" program. Okay, maybe not grueling.
  • I revised Chapter One of my book for the third or fourth time. Please tell me that getting the first chapter perfect will be the key to the rest of the book.
  • And much, much more!

What's so cynical about that? Nothing, apart from my chronic systemic cynicism (say that ten times fast!). No, the cynicism begins here:

With regard to the student tasered at the Kerry speech in Florida: I would never condone the use of the taser in that situation and setting. I don't know enough about tasers to say whether I think their use is ever justified. I hate the idea of causing people pain.

But when I tried to watch the incident on YouTube, I wanted to taser that guy in under 60 seconds, long before security even started to approach him. I'm just saying.

Also, Fall Fundraiser for the kids' school kicked off on Monday. Here is one of the items they are supposed to try to sell. Mickey is not wearing those folded glasses. No, this is a Mickey-shaped stand built for the express purpose of storing your glasses. I think constantly losing them would actually be preferable to making house room for a large Mickey head, how about you?

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