Monday, January 07, 2013

Day One

If you want to feel a little like a crazy person, try circling a parking lot while reciting the Jesus prayer (a la The Way of a Pilgrim/Franny and Zooey) until your Runkeeper app ticks up to 30 minutes and 150 calories.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013


My friend Mama, who doesn't blog any more, is making the theme of 2013 "Letting Go of What I Don't Need."

Umami Girl is going to "meet tension with softness." A worthy goal. She says she sucks at it, but I'm willing to bet I suck even more. So before I try that, I'm going to focus on my personal cheesy slogan for 2013,

More Go and More God

The idea is to push me back into two things I fear I've been neglecting lately. I am going to get out there and hike, bike, and run; and while I'm moving, I'm going to pray. Experience indicates that the rest--having energy, being happy, writing more, listening, loving, fighting fear, embracing, taking on projects--will follow.