Monday, November 06, 2006

Two Thumbs Way Up... the steamer method for hard-boiled eggs as vetted by Not Martha. They were perfectly cooked, marvelously easy to peel, and I love any method that leaves the hot water on the stove to cool off rather than awkwardly dumped in the sink and onto my unaproned front.

Also, I've made these before, but never really realized how good they were until Saturday night, when I served them warm and paired them with a lentil soup in which three beef marrow bones had been simmering all day. In this recipe, yeast rolls and biscuits meet, make beautiful love, and give birth to muffin-shaped offspring. Yum, and thanks to the actual Martha, or one of her 500 minions. (That would make a good Hopkins parody: "I caught this morning Martha's minion, kingdom of domesticity's doxy...").

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