Sunday, November 19, 2006

Treasure Trove

If you, like me, have a fondness for 60s-style illustration art with or without irony, look here.

I very much want this:

I have the Bastien-LePage Joan, an art nouveau Sarah Bernhart theater poster Joan, and the "Buy War Bonds" Joan from the national archives. But now I know that I need a gamine Joan.

I have had this obsession--since I became Catholic I learned to call it a "special devotion"--to Joan of Arc ever since I was about 6. My mother went antiquing with a friend and the friend came home with a very romanticized Joan of Arc lithograph. She told me who it was and I was hooked: a young woman who wore armor and saved France! How cool can you get?

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em2histbuff33 said...

Cool picture of Joan of Arc. Have you been to