Friday, November 17, 2006

Our New Car!

If there is a bell or a whistle, this baby has it. Well, it's a 2005, so no Bluetooth (!)--but GPS, DVD, power everything, camera in the back for parking and backing up...and before you think maybe we spoiled ourselves a tad too much I'll just say these two things:

  • My mother described our old car (you know, the one in which I got a literal kick in the ass a week and a half ago) as "squalid."
  • NSBR's Dad has a BMW and his brother and his wife have a Mercedes and a Lexus. If R. wants the fanciest used minivan ever, ever, I say let him have it.

1 comment:

I Know Toni said...

We have one too - I LOVE it...power doors and back, not with a DVD (don't do tv) - but everything else. You'll love it!