Sunday, November 12, 2006

Let's See, Let's See...

I forgot to write about the putative 7-day itch, as the 7th day of NaBloPoMo was the rather stimulating election day. But as it turns out, in the world of consistent blogging the 12th day is the sticking point, as Fussy found out one day too early.

You don't care what I had for lunch, but would you like to know how I rearranged the furniture in NSBR's study? I bought an $85 bookcase at the Storehouse going-out-of-business sale and put it in NSLR's bedroom. I moved his tall and horrendous black particle board bookcase (which once divided his uncle's college-era studio apartment) out in the hall and started hefting it up the attic stairs. And then I thought, what if I could get this into R.'s study? With a lot of paint rubbing and a little windowsill gouging it was done, futon and desk moved to different locations and a wall magically opened up for the bookcase. And then...and THEN I got to move all the books about sports, and fly-fishing, and celestial navigation, and how to succeed in business by organizing your desk, increasing your memory power and never sending a resume, into that room and close the door! I even brought R.'s marble chess set, for which we have not had horizontal space since 1997, down from the attic and set it up on the shelf.

And he loved it, so that was good. In fact, it may have been the marital equivalent of a little Election Day in this, our 13th year.

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