Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Halfway There

We've made it to Day 15 of Nablopomo, and since November is one of those handy months that hath 30 days, that means we're halfway done. Have I posted every day? Yes, and I'd estimate at a conservative average of 150 words a day. Have I written the approximately 3,000 words required to finish my novel? No, why would I do a thing like that?

Speaking of outraged rhetorical questions, I am an even worse shopping blogger than I previously thought. Not only is that camera at Walgreens pretty sucky, it also doesn't exist. A couple of days after I ordered it I got an e-mail from Walgreens saying, "We don't have that camera--what, are you crazy? Why did you even think up such a thing?" I checked their website and the camera is still in fact there with its enthusiastic labels: "IN STOCK!" "Free Shipping!" "Easy Saver Rebate!"

The flu shot went fine. I filled out a long form with many questions and indicated at least twice that I had never had a flu shot before. When I got to the nurse she glanced at my form and looked at me, saying, "So you have had the flu shot before."
"Um, no," I said, politely not pointing at THE FORM, "I haven't ever had a flu shot before."
As it turns out, this was an attempt at the Jedi mind trick, because then she sighed heavily and said accusingly, "Now I have to ask you a bunch of questions!" These included was I allergic to eggs or chicken. Is anyone allergic to chicken? She also suggested that I "Stick around for 5 minutes in case you have a really bad reaction." So that was nice. I read my Elle (I subscribed to many flitty mags with airline miles recently. Will this keep me from buying them at the supermarket checkout? We will see. Sadly, no airline offers O, and that is a siren call hard to resist, since it has actual articles that keep me engaged for more than 20 minutes).

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