Saturday, November 04, 2006

Notes From All Over--Now Rich With Allusion

  • What "tempts" a person who's never tried crystal meth to buy crystal meth? And then gives him the strength to throw it away?* And many, many more questions.
  • Remember the odd sock basket? I took away the basket and vowed that the sock pile would dry up: I would have the discipline to throw away the odd socks after a certain period of time, and I would be better about looking under beds and dressers on a more regular basis. So now I have the odd sock mess under my nighttable, which seems to be full of singletons that are unthroawayable, because they are half of everyone's absolute favorite pairs--NSBR's Smartwool, M.'s frog socks.
  • Guess what fashion item has gotten me the most compliments this fall? Not the new long swishy denim skirt, the outfit my mother brought me from Paris, my beloved suede jacket, the nifty green tweed blazer from L.L. Bean with Celtic Cross lapel pin M. de M. gave me. Nope, hands down the big winner is my navy blue hemp fake Chuck T.'s from Shoes With Souls (no link because link's not working. Oh no, did they die? Shoes with souls in heaven?) So thank you Ergo!
  • Someone please tell David Margolick that Jenny Cavilleri was not Jewish, but Italian.

*I may be biased because I hate Sudafed so much.

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