Monday, November 27, 2006

Back, and Worse Than Ever

I was, in fact, unable to post while on Thanksgiving "vacation." That word is in quotes because an experience so hellish cannot be described as a vacation without irony. I don't feel able to share most of the incidents that went into making it unenjoyable, but I will say that I am looking for a new pediatrician. Take the worst epithet you can think of, add an intensifying obscenity in front of it, and you begin to get a mild sense of how I feel about our current one. S. was diagnosed with strep throat less than a week before Thanksgiving, so when R. and M. developed sore throats the day after, I figured we knew what we were dealing with. I called the ped's office on Saturday morning only to be told "You'll have to take them to see someone down there." This despite past assurances that, even when home, once I had one strep case if someon else developed symptoms I could just call for a prescription.

Ironically, the extremely kind doctor at the urgent care center said he wouldn't bother to culture R. and M. "Even if it came back negative, I'd be inclined to give you a prescription, with strep already in the house." I smiled weakly at him.

So now we're home, and in addition to unpacking and finding a new ped, I just need to register the new car, junk the old one (after I obtain the title, which I never bothered to pick up after the loan was paid up), detail the new car, and entertain my mother-in-law, who arrives later today.

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