Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lending A Hand

I have to--well, I offered to*--lead S.'s Brownie troop in song tomorrow in order to help them earn their "Making Music" try-it (a try-it is a badge, for the scouting virgins among you).

Have I picked up the guitar to practice? Yes, once. Do I play the guitar? No, not really. Did I tell the leader I play the guitar? Yes, because most people don't know the difference between me and someone who can play the guitar.

Just say a little prayer for me that I can sing all the chosen songs comfortably in the key of D.

*I call this Preemptive Volunteering. If, at the beginning of the year, I say, "Oh, hey, I play the guitar and I'd love to take charge of any music badges you have to do," then I stand a better chance of avoiding stuff like 100 cartons of cookies in my living room.

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