Saturday, November 11, 2006

Just Call Me LameGirl

Anybody want a crappy digital camera roughly akin to mine?

There's one at right now. $59.99 with $20 rebate, and free shipping.

The Big Apple Circus was amazing. But it was still a circus, and I say the hell with it. I like narrative, I think is one problem. I don't particularly enjoy seeing animals with four legs standing around on two. And clowns scare me. The children loved it, and seeing their laughter and amazement was totally worth it.

But the goody bags. Best. Goody. Bags. Ever.

Nylon back-saver style sports bags (this brings our count of giveaway drawstring sports bags in the house to 7). Polar Express DVD (want one?). M.'s favorite bubble gum toothpaste. Things that color your bathwater--if you like that sort of thing. Cookies, chocolates, peppermints, Pez. Shower gel, conditioner. Ergonomic mouse pad. That's what I can remember without looking inside again.

I love free stuff. I'm cheap, hence the crapola camera. Which I think I'm getting S. for Christmas, because it's a perfect first camera for a child.

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