Monday, July 07, 2008

Quarterly Political Post

I don't often get political on this blog. That's partly because my blog is about parenting and culture, not politics. It's partly because I don't really believe in political action as a solution to any of the most basic things wrong with the world. And, as long as I'm being honest, it's because I have a lot of left/liberal friends who assume I agree with them and I'm a pleaser by nature, so I stay quiet. Oh, wait, that's in real life too.

I think, though, I may be doing those people a disservice, as well as showing them a lack of respect. So here are two articles on a subject dear to my heart: food. Both of them--in the course of explaining why real food is or should be a conservative issue--might begin to illuminate what I find compelling in conservatism.

So for anyone whose shorthand understanding of conservatism is something like "hating people who are different from you while grubbing for as much money as you can"--and even for those whose understanding is more nuanced and whose opinion still (gasp!) differs from mine--I give you one glimpse of my conservatism, which is about nature, tradition, and continuity:

Food For Thought

Table Talk


Levi Stahl said...

While I'm guessing that we probably disagree about quite a few things, I think food questions are one in which we're in close accord . . . and does this interest in localism and community in food mean that you're a Wendell Berry fan, too?

{And while I disagree with much of what I read there, the American Conservative blog is one I read regularly: it's well-written and smart, and most of the time our disagreements are founded in differing principles about how to make people's lives and our nation better, an argument I'm always happy to engage.}

MomVee said...


Thank you so much for your response, and yes, I'm a huge Wendell Berry fan.