Monday, December 10, 2007

Real Life Horror

In the car just now S. was talking about something she's doing in science class, sprouting two seeds in damp paper towels. A bell went off in my head.

MV: S, what ever happened to that extra credit experiment you did a long time ago? Trying to make things get moldy?
S: Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that.

It was in one of the kitchen cabinets. It was not pretty.

In other dramas, "The Dresser that Refused to be Delivered" has finally come to a peaceful conclusion. Perhaps because the furniture store knew that I was really, really, angry, they arranged to send the chattiest, most decor-minded delivery man I have ever encountered.

He puts the dresser down in the bedroom.
DM: Hey, this green looks nice with the periwinkle. Different!
He and the silent second delivery man follow me back downstairs and I start writing a check.
DM: It is so cozy in here! Aside, to his co-worker: I want to get this kind of chairs. They're called "Mission."

It's pretty hard to stay mad under those circumstances.

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