Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sign of the Apocalypse

I have been watching "Legally Blonde," the musical,* which I DVR'd from MTV on Sunday evening. The opening number is rather catchy, and I am extremely grieved to report that it is entitled "Omigod You Guys." Hordes of sorority sisters swarming around the stage singing "Oh my God," (or, apparently, "omigod") "Oh my God, you guys." Perhaps you would like to view the video and count how many times; I don't have the heart.

I won't claim that I never take the Lord's name in vain, but I always feel bad about it. I will not allow my children to do so. And this song is just...staggering in its onslaught of trivializing blasphemy.

*While folding laundry, I hasten to add; so my time has not been wasted.

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