Thursday, October 18, 2007


What I remembered last night/this morning:

  • R. needed to work on his collage of 31 sins cut out of magazines (generally one painful letter at a time, because our magazines don't seem to have whole words about sin in them. Pictures, perhaps: is frivolity a sin?) and pasted onto what his teachers insist on calling "a posterboard cut in half" because saying 14X22 and putting an end to the frantic discussions among mothers on the corner would be so much less fun.
  • S. needed to bring in small plants, rocks, sticks, etc. for her 2-liter soda bottle terrarium.
  • R. and S. needed to wear their Cross-Country uniforms because today is Fall Sports Picture Day. R. also needed to bring a change of clothes because it is 6th Grade Behavior Warning Free Dress-Down Day, and we can't miss an opportunity to dress down when that privilege is offered, even if that means changing from t-shirt and shorts into t-shirt and shorts.
  • M. needed to be coaxed into an outfit nicer than the stained t-shirts and jeans she typically favors, because today is Kindergarten Picture Day.
What I didn't remember:

  • To send in the money and form for M.'s picture package.

In other news, I picked up the Gossip Girl crack pipe again. Don't look at me like that.

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