Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Moms of Summer

How you know you live in a really nice town: the spontaneous glee of the mothers on the bleachers when someone from the opposing team makes a great play.

Have I mentioned how I love being a baseball mom? Most of the time? Yes I have.

It's even more fun this year, because they're so much better. Stealing bases is allowed in this league, for the first time, so every game is just like this...ballet of stolen bases. R. got a hit in the clutch a few games ago and now his teammates (and coaches) call him "Rally R." Also "Walk Man" because he gets so many walks. So many. It's good to get on base, but it would be nice if he got more hits. NSBR and my dad explained to me that all these walks are actually one more function of NSLR's brains-over-brawn tendency: he knows the pitching in the 10 and under league is very uneven, so if you just stand there, chances are you're going to end up with a walk. The power hitters can't resist swinging at anything that looks even slightly good.

More later. Have to get the kids to bed.

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