Monday, June 26, 2006


Men are, as the amusing sign says, working in trees. At my house. Now, we wanted them to take down the Norway maple that is pushing our garage over. But I am not enjoying being here while they do it. To wit:

1) They are jerks. "Tight," the leader comments on my driveway upon arrival. "Yes," I agree, "but people have gotten back there before." "Trucks?" he asks. No, a******, people can walk down the driveway. Yes trucks!

2) They are grouchy crybabies. One of them is making the exact "Ha Ha" noise of Nelson Muntz on The Simpsons while the other tries to back the dump truck through the gate (the cherry picker and chipper got through already)

3) It's really noisy. Even with all the windows closed and the shades drawn, there is no escaping the fact that something huge is being dismantled in my back yard. I can't seem to buckle down to anything.

4) The cat is freaking (see #3). He keeps meowing and meowing and meowing, and following me around. He clearly thinks I am too stupid to notice that there are huge machines in our yard making loud cutting and grinding noises, and wants to call my attention to it.

Edited to add:
5) The truck is running in the driveway, so my whole house smells like exhaust fumes.

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