Thursday, February 02, 2006

Three Degrees of Separation

From me to Wendy Wasserstein. Wendy Wasserstein studied with Israel Horovitz at CCNY. When I was in graduate school I had a brief career as a nanny. One day I took my young charge to her recorder lesson and a little blonde girl in the waiting room began to chat me up. "My nanny has those same boots!" she said. (They were bright green cowboy boots. I miss them.*) "My name is Hannah!** My daddy is a playwright!"
"Really, what's your daddy's name?"
"Israel Horovitz."

*When I told my parents this story I added, "But her nanny probably didn't get the boots at Pants Place." My mother laughed.
"Was that the name of the store on Bank Street in the Village?" my father asked.
"No, it was on Broad Street in Red Bank," I answered.
He turned to my mother: "Then where did I get those velour bell bottoms?"
"I think that was in an alternate universe," I suggested when I regained my power of speech.

**The IMDB bio refers to "unemployed 13-year-old twins Hannah and Oliver Horovitz," but they must be more than 13 now.

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