Sunday, February 19, 2006


On Saturday, not-so-little-R. and I set off for the NJ State Police Museum in West Trenton, in preparation for an oral report he has to do on March 7. As you might notice, it doesn't tell you on the website, nor did they tell me on the phone when I called and asked, but they're closed on the Saturday of a holiday weekend.

So not-so-little-R. and I went to Princeton instead. We might have spent many happy hours there had it not been so very, very, very cold. It was so cold that all we could say to each other as we walked around town and campus was, "I am so cold." "Me too." So we just went to the Hans Christian Andersen exhibit and then had lunch at The Annex. This was the first serendipitous instance, because we learned that The Annex is about to close, redecorate, and open under a new name--Sotto Ristorante. It was the last meal that any member of the extended MomVee family will have at The Annex--at least in its current incarnation.

Then we stopped into Micawber Books, as a result of its powerful magnetic pull. The customary persual of the poetry shelves yielded this jackpot:
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Yes, just like this, complete with dust jacket. Thirteenth edition, but we don't concern ourselves much with editions. It's the vintageness of the thing. So I brought it tenderly, lovingly up to the counter and the proprietress said, "Um, wow. This is really great." "Yes," I said, "I have quite a collection of vintage Millays and I've found nearly all of them here, over the years." "I...uh...didn't know we had this," she said. I became terribly afraid that she would not let me buy it, and extremely glad that the price was already written inside.

We're all home now--me, not-so-little-R. and the book. Nice and warm, too.

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