Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Best-Laid Plans

Ha! Well, that last thing didn't happen. I got about as far in _Ulysses_ as I got into _Swann's Way_. Perhaps next spring. I'm about to enter the magical period in a mother's life known as "youngest child goes to full-day kindergarten." My friend LSH (who's in the same boat) asked me about my plans and I said "I'm going to become a perfect physical specimen and write the Great American Novel." She said her goals are remarkably similar.

I've just about decided that September will be boot camp. Not the terrible exercise class that's actually called "Boot Camp." I've watched that one at the Y while I run around the indoor track, and those people are NOT having a good time. I like good times. So I'll be cutting out sugar, running, and doing yoga at least twice a week. That's my boot camp.

Before that, I have an exciting August planned with lots of high-, middle- and low-brow cultural activities, including a Brady Bunch Convention. I've written on the blog before--twice--about my love for the Bunch. Not long after I learned that there was such a thing as a Brady Bunch Convention, in easy driving distance, I found out that I have an opportunity to attend for free. I can't pass it up. I am sad that Maureen McCormick won't be there: I would have liked to be the one millionth woman of a certain age to tell her that I wanted to be just like her (well, like Marcia) when I was a little girl. But Barry Williams is going to be there, and rumor has it he will teach the "Sunshine Day" choreography.

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Leslie said...

I cannot believe that I didn't know there was a Brady Bunch club and I wish that I could attend! My goodness, wouldn't that be a hoot?

Shall we cut out sugar together? Once I was in my house next week, I was planning on trying something similar!