Wednesday, January 02, 2013


My friend Mama, who doesn't blog any more, is making the theme of 2013 "Letting Go of What I Don't Need."

Umami Girl is going to "meet tension with softness." A worthy goal. She says she sucks at it, but I'm willing to bet I suck even more. So before I try that, I'm going to focus on my personal cheesy slogan for 2013,

More Go and More God

The idea is to push me back into two things I fear I've been neglecting lately. I am going to get out there and hike, bike, and run; and while I'm moving, I'm going to pray. Experience indicates that the rest--having energy, being happy, writing more, listening, loving, fighting fear, embracing, taking on projects--will follow.


Quiet Commenter said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog by accident, but I saw this post and it really made me think... I know you're Catholic,I'm Jewish,but I feel like this resolution is such a good way to connect back to God. Just one more point- I've been hearing a lot of judgements ober religion lately, and it's so nice to find someone who is religious yet not predjudiced. :)

LeesMyth said...

Neat idea, MomVee!