Thursday, August 02, 2012

Some Business

Turns out that BLAugust is actually NaBloPoMo. I had no idea, as my blogging has been so light in recent months...ahem, years...that I don't pay any attention to BlogHer. The last time I was aware of NaBloPoMo was four or five years ago, and the last time I even tried to participate was six years ago, and it was in November, and it was a grassroots thing started by Eden Kennedy. Now it's a big institutional thing with a theme and badges. So I put the badge on my page, and I listed myself at BlogHer, but I'm still calling it BLAugust, so ha!

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MomVee said...

Now I see. Every month is NaBloPoMo now. And unfortunately there's a fundraiser thing going on called "Blogust." I wasn't ducking it by making up another spelling, I swear.