Monday, May 17, 2010

I love my supersecret small town

My parents are going to a wedding this weekend; one of the bridesmaids was Annie to my brother's Daddy Warbucks in 1993.

NSLR is going to a supersecret Catholic boys' high school next year; his prospective track coach was Tom to my Connie (in Good News) in 1984.

My father was explaining these connections to my children, and then he observed, "They're going to start thinking there are only about 11 people total in Supersecret County."

When, in fact, there are 11 million. At least, that's how many are downtown when I want to park my car.

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Jay said...

When I was in college, we had dinner at my grandmother's house and my uncle and grandmother got involved in a discussion about the mother of one of my high school classmates - was she the one my uncle dated? Or was that her sister? Maybe it was her cousin...

I said "didn't anyone ever move into this town?" and my grandmother replied "Yes. Your classmate's grandmother moved here in 1932".