Thursday, August 06, 2009

RIP John Hughes

Like Michael Jackson, he entertained my generation, and his work will live in our memories. Unlike Michael Jackson, he doesn't seem to need to be defended. And unlike Michael Jackson, he won't garner days and weeks of breathless news coverage.

I chose this clip not only because I think it is the greatest movie kiss of all time, but also because the extras on my Some Kind of Wonderful DVD include an interview of John Hughes (by Kevin Bacon!) in which he says that the character of Keith was essentially a self-portrait.


ergo said...

"You break his heart, I'll break your face."

Leslie said...

Joe loves this movie and was in love with Mary Stuart Masterson. The clip acted like a siren call and Joe, who was sitting nearby, came to my side to watch the kiss.

Thanks for that trip down memory lane. My VHS copy of the movie no longer will do, and I'll have to buy the DVD to get the extras. *sigh*.