Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Notes, Less Waiting

I don't seem to have a lot of long, coherent thoughts lately. I wish I could say that success in my "real" life (meal preparation, laundry, cleaning, child-wrangling, specialized projects like Girl Scout Thinking Day and PTA Adult Speaker Night) was in inverse proportion to my posting volume, but I doubt that's true.

Not only is Andrew McCarthy starring in "Lipstick Jungle," which was not quite bad enough last week to make me stop watching (plus I have to support Brooke Shields, right?), he is also in "The Spiderwick Chronicles." Hooray! I can't help feeling that was a calculated move on the part of studio execs who want woman of a certain age to take their tween daughters to this movie.

Here's something everyone should read: How American Idol Uses and Abuses Melisma. No, Melisma is not the name of a girl from the deep South. It is a singing practice that may once have been part of a balanced vocal style, but should now be banished from music until people learn to use it properly, like a confiscated pocket knife or crossbow.

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