Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What I Did on my January Vacation

  1. Won a plastic Carnival Destiny trophy in "Name That Tune" and a Carnival Destiny medal in "80s Music Trivia" (which should have been called "80s Name That Tune").
  2. Sang "Desperado" (which went well) and "The Way You Look Tonight" and "Crazy For You" (which did not) at a karaoke bar. I have new respect for Madonna if that is the key in which she actually sang Crazy For You. The other disaster was not my fault, as the disc had a three-minute instrumental in the middle of the song. People say I played it off well, but come on, karaoke providers! What the hell?
  3. Won $11 in roulette (made 20 into 40 then lost it all the first night, turned 20 into $51 the next night, cashed in).
  4. Juiced a length of sugar cane, chewed coffee beans fresh off the tree, saw some of the sets for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3, and drank a Kubuli beer ("It's what we drink," the billboards say) with some Carib Indians in Dominica.
  5. Snorkeled in the vicinity of sea turtles and saw one from the side of the boat. Other members of the family succeeded in seeing the turtles underwater and thus "swimming with sea turtles" as advertised. M. and I were not among them. She told an old lady on the catamaran that "snorkeling isn't my style" and "I like my ocean better." I sort of agree, despite the beautiful warm blueness of the Barbados water.
  6. Gained weight, I suspect.
  7. Drank a pina colada.
  8. Played Bingo.
  9. Laughed too hard at a standup comedian's joke about marijuana, causing my husband to glance nervously at his parents.
  10. Had my first facial and something called a Cleopatra Milk Wrap. Before those treatments and the massage, the aesthetician brushed me all over. I almost asked if I could trade the rest of the package for $119 worth of brushing.
  11. Saw the ugliest church in the world and a variety of other uninspiring sights. I don't recommend the Dominican Republic for your next vacation.

What I didn't do:
  1. Vomit.
  2. Play shuffleboard.
  3. See the Destiny dancers perform.
  4. Go to the disco.


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

An vacation on which one doesn't vomit sounds like a good one to me -- even if it does involve Madonna karaoke embarrassments.

Jay said...

Oh, I'd love to do karaoke, but not with a long instrumental - you are so right.

And, um, if you're not entirely sick of lists I tagged you with a meme. Don't you need something to do now that you're back? It's six unimportant things about yourself. Rules and my list are posted over at TWB.