Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Best Damn Place Of All

I just got back from my 15th college reunion, and I am suffused with love for everyone and everything in the world. Actually, I got back on Sunday, but today was the first day I was fully conscious again. It was fun driving home. The super-secret college that Ergo and I attended is still quite the idyllic place, especially when it is chock full of old people.

I'm still not firing on all cylinders. So much so that I'm not sure that's the right idiom. Or whether it is, in fact, a metaphor. Apparently I was quite drunk on Saturday night--I am told that I kept saying, slowly and loudly, "I am Kick. Ing. It!" I vaguely remember telling a room full of people a secret story about someplace I vomited freshman year.

What else can I say without invading other people's privacy? Not much. Hey, but I will tell you this: I had a Pilates session today and my instructor couldn't understand how I had made so much progress in one week. "Let's do another advanced move," she said in a voice full of wonder. So for dramatically increasing your strength and flexiblity, I strongly recommend a three-day binge of mixed beer, wine, rum, and vodka; five hours of sleep a night; and small amounts of bad institutional food. So much more fun than the Master Cleanse.

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misswg said...

and yup, that was a good story about the vomiting...