Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cheaper than Antidepressants, and No (Bad) Sexual Side Effects

I can now run 5 miles in under 57 minutes (less than 11.5 minute miles, for the innumerate among you). I have lost 12 pounds as promised, or somewhere around there, since the vagaries of fluid intake, my crappy scale, and phases of the moon make precise weight determination impossible.

I have only revised 3 chapters of my book.

So my batting average for Lenten resolutions is .500.

On the other hand, I feel awesome. I have a friend who started taking antidepressants and not long afterward her husband said, "Ooops, sorry I put on the dishwasher. I know you hate the sound of the dishwasher in the evening." And my friend said, "I do? Gosh, it's not really bothering me right now."

I had a similar moment on Monday. We had just had breakfast at the Courtyard (have I mentioned how much I love hotel breakfasts? And watching TV in bed?). I was all packed, the children were all packed, NSBR was finishing his packing. I said, "Hey, shall I go get a cart?"

NSBR looked at me in surprise. "Um, sure!" So I went to find a cart. I wondered why he was surprised. I was a little surprised at myself. And then I realized that in the same scenario in years past, I would have been huddled in a chair with my book, glad that my packing was done, and fuming at the fact that R. didn't get up sooner or do his faster, since it was his job to go out into the big scary hotel, possibly having to walk some distance and/or ask a person a question, get a cart, load it, etc.

Suddenly it didn't seem so onerous. That same friend puts it down to the running, and I am inclined to agree.

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