Monday, October 09, 2006

Translation, always good for a laugh.

My mother just returned from two weeks in France and gave the children (among other things) soft cotton flannel pajamas she bought on the street in Paris. They are made by Absorba, a company I always thought made baby clothes exclusively. I immediately set about finding an Internet source for these pajamas, because they would make great gifts. I found lots of online retailers selling Absorba infant and toddler wear, an Absorba site under construction, and then this, translated courtesy of Google:*

Absorbed is the leader of the thin layer in the world.

But Absorba does not equip only the babies! By equipping the children with 0 to 8 years, Absorba is affirmed like one of the tenors of the average/top-of-the-range market.

Absorbed, it is also a whole range of underclothing of quality, combining comfort and safety for the children from 0 to 16 years.
Each season Absorbed created a collection for the shops and the great distribution. The collections merry, are coloured and of great quality.

A strong national and international presence

Absorbed is present in France in all the networks of sale and abroad, only in selective distribution. Absorbed equips the children with the whole world!

With a constant development of its sales turnover which enables him to sell meadows of 20 million underclothing, pyjamas and clothing in more than 40 countries, the mark is particularly established abroad; it there carries out 70% of its volume of businesses and profits from a formidable international notoriety.

High-speed motorboat in Europe, Absorba is present in the South-East Asia (South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand), in the United States, in Canada, in Latin America (Mexico and soon Argentina), in the Middle East (Egypt and Syria), and in the Maghreb countries.

Wouldn't you like to be the leader of the thin layer? Let alone one of the tenors of the average/top-of-the-rage market. Truly admirable to equip the children with the whole world. I confess to being mystified by the high-speed motorboat reference.

*I think the ponderous language is infectious, I could not seem to write that paragraph properly.

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