Thursday, May 04, 2006

Warning: Child Anecdotes

S.'s First Communion took place last Saturday morning.

Saturday night, with the event and party behind us, I said to the children, "Well, tomorrow let's do something really frivolous and spontaneous to reward ourselves for all the hard work. What shall we do?"

"Go to the library!" they all cried in unison. I'm not kidding. I think our nerd indoctrination program is now complete.

We also went for dim sum. My brother-in-law is very competitive and neurotic about dim sum. I'm sure these personality traits take him a long way in venture capitalism, but it makes me a little tense to be told that I've ordered too much from the sticky rice cart, and now the steam cart is sure to snub us. Okay, not a child anecdote.

I had to buy S. her own batting helmet because there is a concern among the mothers of the softball team that headlice will be spread via batting helmet. R. asked if he could use it, too.

"I don't know," I said, "will the other guys think this sparkly blue helmet is girly and say stuff?"
"It isn't sparkly, Mommy, it's metallic."

All right then.

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