Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Relentless Assault on our Checking Account

Last Saturday we went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, not because we are ignorant thrill-seeking philistines but because we've already visited Colonial Williamsburg* so many times that we can recite along with the interpreters, and it makes them kind of mad. Not-so-big R., in particular, has been known to roll his eyes and sigh very heavily whenever he hears the word "apothecary." So we decided to go lowbrow on this visit.

After each of us had had either an arm or a leg (your choice!) amputated, we entered the grounds. We were staying in the Marriott Courtyard five minutes away from the park, which features a flat-screen TV in the lobby playing a continuous loop of a 30-second spot advertising the park. As we discussed in which attractions we were most interested, I said my number one ride priority was "Curse of Dark Kastle."

Not-so-big R. said "Really?" in that leading, incredulous, Michael-Bluth way.
"Yes, really," I replied.
"That's fine," he said, "I'm just surprised, because there was something on the TV in the lobby....some phrase they said that made me feel you wouldn't...R.?"

Not-so-little R. recites, savant-like: "Relentless assault on your senses?"

"Yes!" R. says. "That's it. You don't usually like a relentless assault on your senses, honey."

*Incidentally, if you are indulgent enough to actually hit that CW link, you'll see that they had what I can only call the audacity to reserve the URL "," and as much as I enjoy the place, which is like a Disneyworld for history buffs, that pretty much sums up the smugness and superiority wafting around.

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