Monday, December 19, 2005

Why So Tense?

I have four out of six kinds of cookies baked. Menus planned (groceries still to buy). All presents purchased and wrapped. Letter written but still to be edited by R., cards not even begun (but we believe it's okay to send cards as late as Jan. 9th). All decorations up except tree. House reasonably clean, everyone has something festive to wear. Today's what, the 19th? I think I'm in a darn good place here.

So why the shallow breathing, short attention span, eyes darting around the room, MomVee?

The only thing I can think of is that my unconscious is so used to being frantic and behind that it's not giving me any credit for the above items. And my mother said something similar to me a few days ago: "28 out of 30 cards done doesn't make me feel any better than 1 out of 30 cards done."

I think they should sell tranquilizers over the counter just between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

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