Saturday, August 06, 2005

Developing Theory

Two kinds of people in the world: people who were sadder when Dumbledore died than when Sirius died, or vice versa.



ergo said...

I was very upset when Sirius died. Less so when Dumbledore did but that's b/c I kept hearing in the ether that something bad was coming.

What are characteristic of a person in either group?

misswg said...

I was so out of the loop that I heard nothing about a death in book 6, so all was a shock to me. And I was very, very saddened. I think when Sirius died, I was sad for Harry, but when Dumbledore died I was sad for myself, in a strange way.

But does that mean that I'm a different kind of people than ergo? Say it isn't so!

Lever said...

Hmmm... either? both? neither?

Sirius' death was sad... Dumbledore's sad but maybe not quite so much...

Other factors to bear in mind...

1) the age of the characters in relation to a) Harry b) the reader
2) the build-up, if any, to the death of the characters
3) the length of time of acquaintance with the characters
4) the relationship between the characters & Harry's parents/Harry's past
5) What if Dumbledore had died first?
6) ...too many questions... LOL

Roll on book 7... there's a lot to do and JK had better do a good job or she'll get lynched...

ergo said...

Now I got someone telling me that she doesn't think D is really dead. I am so confused.