Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Red Tape Musings

That wasn't the title I originally had in mind but I can't remember the one I came up with in the car.

I don't deal well with bureaucracies, and medical ones are my least favorite kind.

Also, although I feel confident that my friends and family would tell you I really am a nice person at heart, they would also feel constrained to agree that I am really terrible at controlling my tone of voice and facial expressions. So the anxiety and, let's face it, hostility that I bring to, say, a conversation with an insurance company (or today, a pharmacist) help make the bureaucratic hell a foregone conclusion. Which came first, the red-tape chicken or the MomVee bad-attitude egg?

And there is so, so much more of this to come.


ergo said...

redtape chicken. Definitely.

misswg said...

I vote that it's not a bad attitude if they oh so richly deserve it (which I'm sure they do). Big hugs to you all from up north.