Thursday, June 02, 2005

The piazza at the end of the tunnel?

Yesterday I let someone down. I hate doing that. Caused by sheer laziness and procrastination, too, which would make it worse except that I have many years of experience in beating myself up for laziness and procrastination, and the sting is kind of gone. "Busy month" was my technical excuse (don't worry, I also apologized profusely) but honestly, who isn't having a busy month? A busy life?

So today I have to make it right. But I also have to buy huge quantities of food for my ravenous growing family. I should work out. At some point a man named Leroy is going to deliver my sister-in-law's car, and he informs me that he cannot come to my house but must meet me at a shopping center ("Leroy, I live on a four-lane road--Ma'am , I cannot unload a 100-foot truck in a traffic lane"). I want to work on my book. And while this is not a high priority, I want to listen to my The Light in the Piazza original cast album that arrived yesterday.

Oh, and I want to sleep forever, because yesterday, between Cub Scouts, Little League, and letting someone down, was exhausting. I had a boyfriend in college with a theory that good and bad days reliably alternate. I'm going to try to start this good day up with a latte now.

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