Friday, September 09, 2005

Some things I know...

...about covering books with clear Contac paper:

1. No matter how beautifully you mitre the corners, your child's teacher will not send a congratulatory note home or mention it to you at Back To School Night.

2. When you find a store that has clear Contac paper, go ahead and buy four large rolls. You will use them--if not this year, then next year. Making multiple Contac runs throughout September stinks.

3. Practice makes perfect. Or at least better.

4. Yes, that is another damned book. Try to remember it is not your child's fault. You want your child to have schoolbooks. The school does not want them to fall apart. Be zenlike in your acceptance of the ongoing Contac task.

5. Once covered, books with textured surfaces look better than glossy ones.

6. Don't bother to smooth out the little bubbles, etc. No one cares.

7. You will eventually be finished with this job. Until next year.

1 comment:

misswg said...

MomVee, #1 of this post is one (of many) of the reasons I love you.