Thursday, September 29, 2005

Eighth Celebrity Crush

I would be remiss if I did not mention Adam Brody of "The O.C." While this show has gone so sadly downhill that I now only watch it when my husband is not home,* and Seth Cohen's self-centeredness has crossed the line into parody, I still remember the Seth of Season One--particularly his awkward delight at Summer's sudden and inexplicable lust--the Seth of the Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve episodes. And I still love that Seth.

*Only a really good show is worth that kind of ceaseless eye-rolling.

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misswg said...

Ah, MomVee, I was going to tell you the next time we spoke that I think I'm giving up on The O.C. And your reminder of season one Seth just makes me sad, because we don't have that Seth any more, and I love that Seth.