Thursday, September 08, 2005

More pharmacy hell...but with a happy ending

So I went to Walgreens and asked the robot pharmacist, "Do you sell sharps disposal containers?"
"Do you sell the red containers for putting used needles in?"
The human pharmacist leans out from farther down the counter, catches my eye, and shakes her head no. "Thank you," I say to the human pharmacist, while the robot pharmacist says, "Take them to the hospital."
"She wants a container," the human pharmacist explains as I walk away.

Next I tried the mom and pop pharmacy. "Do you sell sharps disposal containers?"
"Just a second."
"I'm sorry, we're just out of them. Do you have to have it today?"
"No, but as long as you're going to reorder, I want three."
"Okay. We'll have them tomorrow. Let me get your name and number..."
When we were all done she said, "Don't run all over looking for something. Just call us. We can always get it for you."

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