Sunday, May 28, 2006

You can't make this stuff up

The girls are having breakfast.

M: If you cut yourself, do you see God?
S: No, why would you?
M: Because when I cut myself, blood comes out, and God is in my blood.
S: God isn't in your blood.
M: He's not? What's inside my body?
S: Your soul, and that doesn't come out until you die.
M: Why do we have to die?
S: So we can go and be with God.
M: Why can't we live in this house forever?
S: Because we don't want to.
M: I do.
S: Don't you want to see God? He made you...he made everything. He made trees, he made Mommy...what's your favorite thing?
M: My favorite thing is you.
S: He made me!

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misswg said...

I love your kids.