Monday, May 15, 2006

It's really not that different from talking movies with most adults

Cinematic Conversation #1
M. appears in the living room, asking me to tie on the red satin Snow White cape. Since she is wearing it with pajama shorts and Tevas, I suspect she is not meant to be Snow White.

MV: Are you Superman? Wonder Woman?
M: No. I am the king.
my confusion and/or skeptcism must show on my face
M: From that movie we saw? In the hotel in Williamsburg?
MV: Ah, The Ten Commandments.
M: Yes. Why didn't that king wear a shirt?

Cinematic Conversation #2
M: Remember that movie we watched a long time ago?
MV: Which one?
M: The one with the same people as the other movie.
MV: What happens?
M: The dog hates the penguin.
MV: The Wrong Trousers!

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ergo said...

Playing the King of Egypt. I love it.