Friday, May 05, 2006

Band Names

Kendrak's Attack is holding a King Dork band name contest. I would enter, but I haven't read the book yet and I probably don't have the right idea.

However, this reminded me of my pet band name. When I was in high school, although I could not fully commit to being a goth girl (they were called the "groovy ghoulies" in my area. I was a "poser."), I wore a lot of black and went to see a lot of hardcore bands playing in church basements (what an adorably safe rebellion, in retrospect). Also one of my best friends was going out with a drummer and we spent a lot of time in his basement waiting for rehearsal to be over.

Many of these bands seemed to be in competition for who could have the most disgusting name. I specifically remember reading a 'zine with an advertisement for "Cup of Mucus With An Eyeball In It." So I came up with what I thought was a consummately awful name, The Phlegmy Defecators, and began a campaign to get some band to adopt this name. Bands were breaking up and forming all the time, so I had lots of chances.

Finally one kind, kind boy made his new band be The Phlegmy Defecators for about 15 seconds, and I pretended to be satisfied.

A quick google search indicates that this name is still available. I hereby declare it up for grabs.

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