Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Yesterday evening R. and I attended--and spoke at--a public hearing on the future of Governor's Island. We support the construction of a New Globe Theater in the open courtyard of Castle Williams. Take a look at the website, and if you agree that this is the best option, please consider submitting a comment to the National Park Service by the March 18 deadline. I'll highlight two particularly important and easily overlooked points:
  • The New Globe construction will be privately funded and the theater self-supporting, rather than competing for increasingly scarce tax dollars.
  • The design is "reversible and does not impinge on the historic fabric of the monument."
The overwhelming majority of last night's speakers and attendees were New Globe supporters, yet the National Park Service did not reference the New Globe plan in any of its four published scenarios for the future of the island. I hope some of my readers will add their voices to the throng and try to wake up the Park Service bureaucrats.

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