Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Brief Tour Through the New York Times

The teaser headlines on my igoogle page are so much better than the real headlines when you click through to the Times. For instance:

A Promise of an Easier Night for Interpretation

That's pretty exciting, right? I had no idea what was in store, but it sounded absolutely magical. I didn't really think someone had engineered an easier night for interpreting anything, but I couldn't wait to find out what it was all about:

With Contests in 4 States, an Easier Night for Interpretation

Oh. Oh, primaries. In her WSJ piece on William F. Buckley, Peggy Noonan included this quote from Samuel Johnson:
"How small of all that human hearts endure / That part which laws or kings can cause or cure." And she added, "When you have it right about laws and kings, and what life is, then your politics become grounded in the facts of life." This is what I was trying to say so clumsily and incompletely in my post about Ralph Nader last week. And I like to think it's why I can't get very caught up in this election.

Also, I'm never publishing a memoir. It's not that I think I would accidentally write one that was a complete work of fiction; I think the people who do that know just what they're doing. It just seems easier to avoid the whole genre.

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