Monday, October 22, 2007

Notes From All Over

Let's see, let's see...

Warning--parental bragging ahead:

Both NSLR. and S. medaled in their respective categories at the parochial XC championships yesterday. R. and I ran in the 1.5 mile Parents/Coaches run. He was wearing a polo, khaki shorts with a belt, a baseball cap, and his old, beat-down trail runners. He hasn't run since he was in high school. I was wearing new shoes and running shorts. I have been running 10-15 miles a week for a year and a half. He came in 15th at 11:29. He was disappointed with his finish. I came in 33rd, right around 14 minutes. I'm not bitter, no.

But the best part is this: when we were sitting around waiting for the meet to be over and the awards given out, Coach K. came over and said to NSLR, "the St. _____ coach just told me one of her boys fell down and someone from St. _____ helped him up, lost a few places in the process. So I'm figuring that was you."

It was. I think we're almost done with that one.

My main problem with DIY

It doesn't happen instantaneously. I sanded and primed two desks today, and I feel absolutely no sense of accomplishment.

Dumbledore Being Gay

Did she intend it all along? That's all I want to know. I doubt it, though. I think she's drunk on her cultural power. So I think it's a cheap shot.

New Blogs and Places to Drink

Check 'em out.

P.S. I'm working on a way to do a weekly poetry podcast. Stay tuned.

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