Thursday, November 10, 2005

Clearly Target and I are not meant to be together

So, I did a search at Target for "shot glasses" (none of your business)*, and after all the results you would expect it said this:

VIDEOS brought to you by No items match "shot glasses." These results are for "stott."

Ohhh...kay. What if everyone started doing this? "MomVee, this is not-so-little-R.'s teacher. I've never heard of this book The Fellowship of the Ring, so I graded his book report as if it were on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." Or, actually, "I graded his book report as if it were on Snarfblatt," because last time I checked "stott" was not something a lot of people were searching for.

*All right, I was searching because Not Martha linked to someone who said that Target has candy cane shot glasses in the dollar bins, and I foolishly thought maybe dollar bin merchandise would be online. Also from Megan, the Charlie Brown pathetic tree. The irony of commercializing the Charlie Brown pathetic tree is making me dizzy. Leave it to Urban Outfitters.

Speaking of irony, not-so-little-R.'s teacher did tell me she knew immediately what kind of child she was dealing with when his "what I did this summer" composition included the word "ironically." Apparently that's not a typical usage in fourth grade. She also told me he needs to get over his bad attitude about group work. I managed not to share my feelings about group work.


ergo said...

And someday when we are gathered around the pathetic tree huddled with our stott glasses after a long day of grudgingly done group work, I will be grinning like a fool, just like right now

misswg said...

Ah, ergo said everything I was feeling, so much better than I could have. But I second it!