Friday, June 03, 2005


If I may beg your supreme indulgence...actually, who am I kidding? Almost no one reads this.

As I was saying, I'll try not to make this any more of a habit than laundry posts, but I am about to post a composition my son wrote in school, in its entirety:

Mommy is very smart.

She can do many things other moms probably can't do. [n.b. If he's anything like his father, this is a really nice way of saying I can't seem to manage the things the other moms can do. Not nearly as bad as Julianne Moore's character in The Hours, but like that.] I say this because once she cooked dinner and it tasted terrible! I said so and she probably didn't like that. So when she said she didn't like it either I think she was just trying to make everyone happy.

Now, why do I like my mom? Because she always finds an answer to a problem.


ergo said...

so cute.
Who needs dinner when your mommy is a hero!

misswg said...

Such a smart boy to know how smart his mommy is!