Friday, February 03, 2017

♫ How will you make it on your own... ♫

Sorry, I've become a little obsessed with the Mary Tyler Moore show in the past week. I think I imprinted on Mary Richards in my extreme youth--my parents never missed the show but I only got to see it as a rare after-bedtime treat--and then she was buried in my subconscious. So when I pictured myself returning to the blog after basically three years, I pictured Mary driving into Minneapolis in the first-season credits. Totally normal.

Greetings, Dear Readers! (That's how I originally intended to begin this post). I'm back where I may possibly belong. The bright lights (and more than a dozen eyeballs) of Facebook lured me away. But Facebook, like Hollywood or Broadway or whatever already-labored metaphor we're using here, isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Especially lately, right?

So I really, really, am going to post every weekday at Watering Place. I used to tell my high school diary the same thing: "A whole bunch of stuff happened that I'm not going to write down, but from now on I will write here every day, Dear Diary!" But I'm grown up now, right? I often exercise, and rarely eat an entire bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures. This week. So I'll definitely keep to the following schedule:

Mondays I'll write about music. Not local, contemporary music--that's what CoolDad is for--but whatever I've been noodling around with on the piano. Sometimes the Great American Songbook, sometimes 70s pop, very sometimes classical. Like Mark Steyn's Song of the Week except Mark Steyn knows more about music and is brilliant. Uh, so not like that. Should be a great start!

Tuesdays I'll aggregate links--product recs, interesting stories, the stuff blogs were originally made for. Remember?

Wednesdays I'm reviving the poetry podcast. Five minutes of reading and commentary to bring a little poetry into your life.

Thursdays I'll share a memory. My high school physics teacher used to offer this--"When-I-Was-A-Boy Stories"--and we always, always turned it down. Boy, do I have a great marketing sensibility or what?

Fridays I'm going to try recapping television. Right now my plan is "Riverdale," which is looking like a great new guilty pleasure. I can't resist a good teen soap. As I said above, I'm very grown up.

It's great to be back. *throws hat in the air*

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Leslie said...

Looking forward to your writing!