Thursday, April 18, 2013

Poetry Podcast Revival

So, Hostr has eaten all of my old poetry podcasts: or, as they put it, "The owner may have removed it or it may never have existed in the first place." Classy, Hostr. Way to take responsibility.

Most of them are still on my hard drive, so they're now on Dropbox for your delectation. A few are lost entirely, and I may try to recreate them at some point. Below each title/link below is the text that accompanied the original post. Inconsistency abounds.

Bright Blue Weather For a Snowy Day Emily Dickinson, Gerard Manley Hopkins, William Cullen Bryant, Helen Hunt Jackson, Thomas Hood.

For May, Mary and love...and chalices, picnics, and cold water.
The May Magnificat, Gerard Manley Hopkins
Under The Waterfall, Thomas Hardy
Sunlight, Seamus Heaney

In Praise of Limestone
It is my fourteenth anniversary today. This poem is, as Johnny Rotten says, not a love song; but I already read "our poem" to my love on Valentine's Day (apparently if you enlarge the picture you can see granola on the tablecloth). This one is such a good poem, with so many brilliant lines, that it is a fitting tribute to such a good husband, with so many brilliant lines. Besides, although it's been absolute ages since he went fly-fishing, I know he still loves a limestone landscape.
In Praise of Limestone at Wikipedia
W.H. Auden at Wikipedia

Shorter Modern Poems II, The More Canonical Ones

"The Puritan's Ballad," Elinor Wylie
"Crossing The Bar," Alfred Lord Tennyson
"Requiem," Robert Louis Stevenson

Poets: Rilke, Akhmatova, Lowell

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